Friday Food – Pears

We didn’t plan on adding in new food this week, but let’s just say, diaper issues necessitated on of the four P’s getting added in. Central Market was out of plums, so I went with pears.

Marion’s reaction is priceless.

I’m a huge fan of them though. I think frozen pear cubes might be my new favorite summer treat.

We did steam the pears before pureeing just to help break down the texture a little bit. De-seeded and peeled them as well, but they’re so watery and soft, no additional liquid was added to them.

I think the texture is what is throwing her off. Maybe. She likes the frozen cubes (she can make an awful lot of progress with just those sharp gums) and she likes it when I scrape the slush off and feed that to her, she just doesn’t like them liquid. Go figure.

She moved up in texture in sweet potatoes and avocado as well. Actually, we switched from sweet potatoes to yams this week and minus a few lumps, they’re the same texture as what we eat. It’s so weird seeing her eat real people food! (Oh, and this is a good explanation of the difference between sweet potatoes and yams.)

At her six month pediatrician visit, Dr. Allison encouraged us to give her as much solid food as she wants. Given the fact that we’re still struggling in the nighttime sleep area, he said it was even okay to give her real food before offering her a bottle. So now, she gets breakfast, lunch and dinner just like us! She loves her food too, she gets so excited when it’s time to eat.

Next week’s food, yogurt!

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2 Responses to Friday Food – Pears

  1. Charlotte says:

    Just be careful not to give her too many. It makes them swing the other direction. Gabriel is currently being fed bananas to correct too many pears. BTW that was hilarious.

  2. Barbara says:

    I think you must have a really good pediatrician. The ones I had here in Atlanta back in the fifties believed in starting table foods very early, and you can see Bill, Bob, and Linda turned out pretty strong and healthy. As one of the doctors (who had several children of his own) said ” These kids are going to have to eat your cooking for a long time, so they may as well get use to it, just limit the salt.”

    Thank you again for keeping us up to date with all her development, as I said , she is a doll !!

    Do you have any plans to visit Atlanta this summer ?

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