Weekends – Quiet Time

This is a really late weekends post, I know, but things have been pretty quiet around here. Which is nice!

Josh got a new bike

Which is pretty exciting

He’d had his old Trek since before we started dating so it was time for a new bike.

I got a new carrier

It’s a Beco Butterfly 2

And we love it!

It’s so cute!

And so is this. Even though that’s the face of concentration she makes when she’s doing this

So I just wear my hair really high now. After all, the higher the hair, the closer to heaven.

We also went to a new eatery Saturday night for family date night. Little Bigs and it was fantastic. We walked there, which made the milkshakes totally justifiable!

And in news of something I haven’t managed to do in quite a while, I got some sewing done!

Long story short, or as short as I can make it. Marion has developed a fascination for tags of late. Which this company has capitalized on.

She won’t take a paci anymore and we’ve been really struggling with helping her learn to self soothe at night so that we all sleep better.

So momma and the handy-dandy sewing machine stepped in and made Marion the best security soothing blanket money can’t buy

And nights have gotten considerably better around here lately! We’ve stopped swaddling her and most nights, she rubs the blanket on her face or sucks on the tags and puts herself to sleep. She’s only be waking up to eat (full meals, not just snacks) so if she is waking up at night, she’s putting herself back down. Yay for progress (we hope!) Maybe it’s been so quiet around here because we’ve been catching up on sleep …

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3 Responses to Weekends – Quiet Time

  1. Claudia says:

    What a cute Mei Tai!!!

  2. Delia says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a “taggy blanket” forever. Looks like I may have to give it a shot. Cute!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Technically speaking, Josh needs to raise the saddle on his bike…

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