Friday Food – Yogurt

So our new food this week was yogurt, specifically, Greek yogurt. It was an absolute hit, for both of us! Let’s just say that Josh has accused me more than once this week of purposefully offering her more than I know that she could eat, just so I could eat the leftovers.

Marion really likes it by itself, but she also enjoys it mixed with her other foods. It’s a great way to hide the pears she doesn’t care for. (And an update on the pears, she loves to eat the actual pear, just not the puree. Go figure. Give her a few more weeks and maybe a tooth or two and we’ll just be able to sit the whole fruit in front of her and let her at it.)

I haven’t ventured into making my own yogurt yet and although I’ve heard it’s relatively easy, I think we’ll stick with store bought for the moment. One of the reasons we wanted her on yogurt so early was for all the good bacteria in it. We’ve seen an almost immediate reduction in her gas issues we were having at night. I’m kind of scared to make my own and mess with those little critters (unless someone tells me that homemade yogurt has higher concentrations of the good stuff, then I’ll give it serious consideration.)

We also re-introduced oatmeal (that was the very first food we tried) and this time, she likes it a lot. This was a lazy food-making week as I just bought a box of the organic stuff. In my defense, I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to look like, so that was my excuse. She likes oatmeal well enough and again, it gives us another food to hide the icky fruits in it.

Speaking of icky fruits …

That was her reaction to a mixture of apples and blueberries.

I’m beginning to think she cannot be my child if she prefers veggies over fruits.

Next weeks foods, peas and prunes maybe?

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2 Responses to Friday Food – Yogurt

  1. Lydia says:

    That face is priceless, too funny. Making yogurt is super easy, check out this blog for an easy crockpot yogurt recipe. Just strain it through a clean cotton dish towel to make it thicker.

  2. Barbara says:

    She’s certainly learning to express herself !

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