Friday Food – Peas

I love peas. Even though I grew up eating the canned, grey, mushy English peas, I still managed to love peas. Josh has taught me the beauty of frozen veggies though, so now I love proper texture, bright green, slightly sweet peas, even if they don’t really show up on his list of favorite foods. But how can you not love eating something this bright! This photo alone should convince you to make you own baby food just because it’s so pretty!

Peas were intimidating because of the texture factor; I just knew there was no way to get them perfectly smooth. They were surprisingly easy though and the bits and pieces didn’t slow her down one bit.

My child has inherited my love of peas. 🙂

So much so, that we celebrated all week with pea themed clothing! (Something that started out totally unplanned until I realize she has a lot of pea themed clothing.)

We started with the hipster favorite of “give peas a chance.”

John Lennon would be so proud.

Momma is particularly proud of the homemade, coordinating, faux baby legs

(Let me sidetrack from peas for a moment to point out one of those totally weird things that undeniably prove Marion is my girl. Neither of us can sit regularly in a chair. I almost always have a foot tucked up underneath me or my leg pulled up into the seat. Nature or nurture, I’m not sure, I just know she got that quirk honestly!)

We celebrated peas with one of our new pea colored BG 3.0s. (Although the color is technically ribbit.)

We had fun with farming in general,

peas included.

And of course, the classic

Sweet Pea.

Although Mr Brown Dog probably has his doubts about that

She really is the sweetest pea of them all

Warning – two more feeding food to a baby videos ahead

Proof she really does like her peas. Please note the bang on the tray about 8 seconds in.

Why feeding babies is considered a success if one bite out of four make it in the mouth.

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2 Responses to Friday Food – Peas

  1. Barbara says:

    She gets prettier by the day. I believe she likes the peas better than she did the apples.

  2. alaskan grandma says:

    she is just too cute for her own good!
    and i too love those little green legs :o)

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