Weekends – Knitting

As it was another quiet weekend around here, I was actually able to get in some good knitting time!

I completed one of Josh’s socks

Let’s just ignore the fact that he was supposed to have a complete pair by his birthday….

Love, love, love, this pattern. It has officially replaced Thuja as my go to men’s pattern

Also started and have almost finished a little sweater for Marion

Yes, I realize it’s the middle of April and we live in Texas. Both facts pretty much negating the need for a sweater.

But Easter mornings have a way of being chilly and I was tired of knitting socks. So there.

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One Response to Weekends – Knitting

  1. Lexie says:

    Love the socks!!! I think I am going to try to crank out another baby pair using that pattern. Should be a quick knit.

    Sweater looks good too!! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Hey…. those are some nice looking stitch markers you go there! ::: smiles ::::

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