Weekends – Marion’s First Easter

We had an absolutely wonderful Easter (long) weekend – it’s so good to get to spend time with family! It was a great time to show Marion off as she’s sprouting two new bottom teeth and starting to crawl! She hooks her toes into the carpet, locks her legs, shoots her bottom up into the air, and scoots on her face. Not very efficient, but she can move! She also began pulling herself up, although so far, her favorite way to do it is to grab the neck of a shirt I’m wearing. She was also big enough (even though she’s the smallest) to enjoy being around her cousins and generally adored by all the other members of the family. đŸ™‚

Digging into her Easter basket

Trying to decide which toy to play with first

And she settles on eating the book

Go figure.

Our first family picture on Easter

We must have taken 50 pictures like this and only this one turned out half way decent. It’s what happens when your baby is a widget.

Isabella – she wasn’t quite sure enough of Uncle Josh to give him a big smile

Andrew and Isabella

Marion gets to sit with the big kids

Isabella “loves” on Marion

Marion is not such a fan

Not at all

But Belle made it up to her by showing her how to play with the toys

Andrew is just a blur in the background

And this is how you play with Sophie….


Once Lauren woke up, we tried to get a picture of all three girls in their matching dresses

This was as good as we got. I think Lauren feels left out as she’s the only one without something in her mouth.

The cousins (I never knew how hard it was to get a picture of four kids under four to turn out halfway decent!)

Andrew goes in for the kiss

And the resulting mayhem!

It’s okay, Marion gets comfort from Papaw

My brother Al and his baby girl

Darren, Isabella and my sister Amanda. Not pictured, the new baby due in October!

Oh, the boundless energy of a three year old boy!

Mamaw, Marion and I

Four generations

I finished Marion’s sweater in time for her to actually wear it!

I’m pretty proud of that accomplishment. I’m not so good at getting things done on time.

Easter really wears a girl out!

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One Response to Weekends – Marion’s First Easter

  1. Barbara says:

    It looks like you had a very special first Easter for Marion. The pictures you posted when she was having her first flight really verified what a great job you and Josh are doing in introducing her to all new experiences. It seems she has full confidence and enjoys each adventure .

    I say this , but I’m not sure she likes all foods you give her when I see the videos ( Just Kidding )

    Grannie H

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