Friday Foods – Squash (Yellow)

This week’s new food was yellow squash. A lot of people start out with the winter squashes, but yellow squash are just coming into season here, so we went with that instead.

The jury is still out on likeability. Which is mostly my fault.

Yellow squash would make a most excellent very first baby food. It has a really high water content, and as such, pureed down to nothing. Marion definitely prefers texture to her food, so by itself, she really doesn’t like the squash. Now, she does like it mixed with her peas and with yogurt, so she is eating it.

I peeled this squash, boiled it until fork tender, then put it in the food processor. When I make the next batch, I’m going to leave the skin on and see if that doesn’t help to chunk it up some. I didn’t do anything with the seeds either, just left them in and the mighty mighty Kitchen Aid took care of them.

In big girl news, none of Marion’s foods (except her oatmeal) contain any additional water or formula! And her avocado and sweet potatoes are all fork mashed. I’d just fork mash her peas, but the skins are still to much for her to chew, so they still go in the food processor. She’s also showing so, so much interest in finger foods, so we’re playing around with those as well.

New food for next week, carrots!

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