Weekends – Seven Months Old!

Seven months old already!

It seems just impossible, doesn’t it?

Each month, it gets harder and harder to keep her still long enough to take a picture!

Look at those chunky monkey thighs!

Josh and I joke that she’s putting on her winter weight before she starts crawling.

And of course, everything still goes straight in the mouth.

Please stop growing up now, m’kay?

New trick this month, the forward lunge!

I also found out an almost crawling baby and a dog are next to impossible to photograph together

Not us!

Letters to my daughter, month seven

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3 Responses to Weekends – Seven Months Old!

  1. alaskan grandma says:

    put a book on her head to stop her growth!!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Seeing her with the polar bear let’s us see how much she has grown. You are doing a great job with her. Her personality is really developing and she’s so pretty. I hope you’re cming to Atlanta this summer.


  3. Happy 7th month Birthdat to our sweetie pie. love you Papa and Granny

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