More Bluebonnets

A few weeks ago Marion and I met up with our friends Robin and Anastasia for some more bluebonnet pictures

And I realized I never posted them!

The girls always have a fun time together

Minus a few flower eating incidents!

Hey, am I looking into a mirror?

Anastasia is a whole four days older than Marion and Robin and I often forget what they must look like to others when we’re out together!

We get very confused looks and a long drawn out question of “twins?”

We think it’s funny to watch people do double takes as they walk by

I think the bluebonnets were even pretty this time around

She’s such a sweet little girl

I guess 🙂

And I took the puppies too!

We tried to take Easter pictures

Which was a pretty big failure

But they had fun

Maybe 🙂

My sweet baby

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2 Responses to More Bluebonnets

  1. Anonymous says:

    4 days before Marion, that was right in the thick of Ike, right? they are super cute together.

  2. alaskan grandma says:

    they are just adorable!
    and i love your comments
    luv all momma

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