Friday Foods – Carrots & Peaches

(I’m woefully behind on blog posts, I realize. But you haven’t missed much.)

We’ve been having fun with orange foods lately and surprisingly, even though they aren’t green, they’re a hit!

I used frozen peaches and just microwaved to thaw out before throwing them in the food processor. Although she likes the frozen peach slices just as well as in a puree. As do I. I’ve had to stop myself several times from eating her frozen peach cubes! Peaches have been a great addition to her diet. She eats them in the morning mixed into her oatmeal and at night by themselves for dessert.

The carrots were baby carrots, steamed until dead then thrown in the food processor as well. They didn’t come out as smooth as store bought (of course) but the little bits left don’t seem to bother her. If I were doing these as a first food, I’d just press them through a mesh strainer to get out all the chunks.

Despite the face, we swear she likes peaches!

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4 Responses to Friday Foods – Carrots & Peaches

  1. Lexie says:

    Love that look every time she took a bite!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Glad to see your post this morning – I’ve been missing them, Marion appears to appreciate the way you’re preparing her food.

    Love to all,
    Grannie H.

  3. awwww she is sooo adorable!! Its sad cuz my baby hates fresh fruits… He likes it when its processed.. LIke the ones we buy in stores… 😦


  4. Kellene says:

    She’s adorable! It’s great that you make your own baby food. Here’s a couple recipes you may appreciate:

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