Weekends – Cinco de Mayo 5k

This weekend was a lot of fun as it was my first 5k in freaking foh-eva.

I’ve been training for ten weeks with Power In Motion and this was our goal race. It’s been a lot of fun training with the “Dirty Dawns” and I’ve really enjoyed getting out by myself and having non-baby conversation. I definitely plan on doing the fall term as well.

Josh was able to run this with me as Libbie was in town this weekend, so she kept Mar at the finish line. Bless Josh’s heart, he stayed right with me to the end, as painfully slow as I was running (and I bet he gets last in his age group for it. Sorry honey.) My time was an abysmal 36:15, but at least I finished and I didn’t walk any of it. And everyone has to start somewhere, right?

And true to our history, running with Josh means that I was pushed, especially at the end, and so I threw up crossing the finish line. Every time we race together, that’s how I finish. Maybe we should stop that …

Anyway, a few pictures –

My sweet girl and I

Quite a difference from our first post-race picture together!

And a family shot, minus the top of Josh’s head

There are some action shots that one of the PIM coaches took, but as they all involve me crossing the finish line, they also involve vomit, so I’ll leave those to the imagination 🙂

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