Another Trip To The Zoo

We spent Libbie’s last day here at the zoo and it was so much fun! Marion is getting to be just a blast to take there, although she’s getting to be a handful. It was nice to have a pair of grandmother arms to tote her around in 🙂

Met Toby – he’s the zoo’s newest member, a little red panda. Billed as the world’s cutest animal, I think I might have to agree.

Although this little guy is pretty darned cute too (some kind of little monkey, I’m not sure what kind. I don’t think itty-bitty-cutesy-wootsy-monkey is a scientific name.)

Marion and I crawled in the fish tunnel for the first time. She was kind of scared at first, but then she was fascinated by the clear walls of fish!

The cool thing about taking her to the zoo now is that she’s starting to really, really notice the animals, not just people watch. The big animals are just too big for her to grasp; I imagine an elephant to her is no different than looking at a school bus. But the little animals, things on her scale, she loves them!

Yay for fish!

She was also fascinated by the meerkats. (Contrary to the way the pictures looks, there is actually a wall between her and the critters.)

They were fascinated by her as well.

I love how they’re both looking at the same thing.

She snoozed between exhibits

Sleepy lioness

Libbie and Mar

She’s getting big enough to almost play on the playground. She liked getting her feet dirty sitting in the turtle shell.

This might be the cutest picture of her ever

Marion says, here, let me put a choke hold on you

How’s that feel?

Despite the expressions on our faces, the goats are by far her favorite part of the zoo right now. She thinks they’re all dogs…

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2 Responses to Another Trip To The Zoo

  1. Amanda says:

    itty-bitty-cutesy-wootsy-monkey — hahahaha! I laughed out loud at that one, and if it helps at all, I think it sounds scientific enough — at least to the general popluation of itty-bitty-cutesy-wootsy-monkey lovers.

  2. Barbara says:

    Great pictures. I know Libbie enjoyed her visit and getting to be with Marion.

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