Friday Foods – Green Beans

We added in the oh-so yummy green beans this week. She deems them acceptable ๐Ÿ˜‰

We used frozen beans again, boiled in scant water and throw in the food processor. I was surprised at how nicely they pureed – not many whole beans left at all.

Marion is getting so mobile now, and as a result, her appetite is increasing by leaps and bounds as well. We offer about eight tablespoons of food at each of her three meals (the equivalent of about two baby food jars) and she eats most of it most of the time.

A sample little menu for her is:

Oatmeal with peaches
Yogurt with prunes

Green beans
Brown rice cereal

Sweet potatoes

She’s also started “eating” puffs (we use Happy Baby Organic ones). I use the term “eating” loosely as we break them up into small pieces and she mostly just pushes them around her high chair tray working on her pincher grasp. Luckily, the pups are fans of them as well as they get the majority of them ๐Ÿ™‚

And I realized I haven’t posted these pictures of lunch with Josh from a few weeks ago. We ate up in his office and I still think he’s finding toys stuck in corners!

We thought it would be simple enough to just put her at his desk …

She reaches for the Coke can

As Daddy moves that out of the way, she makes a move for the keyboard

Then redirects to the Altoids tin

How about we remove that too?

She’ll just have to be satisfied with her own toys

Or just playing peek-a-boo

We always enjoy our lunches!

And I just had to show how super chunky her thighs are getting! Josh and I joke that she’s putting on her winter weight before she starts crazy crawling!

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3 Responses to Friday Foods – Green Beans

  1. furryfrenzyfun says:

    She’s so adorable. I’ve heard that winter weight is good for crawling … It’s “cushioning” to protect her knees. : )

  2. Barbara says:

    Great pictures and a special Friday menu for a little girl who has a very special Mom. Happy first ever Mothers Day !!!!

    Grannie H

  3. alaskan grandma says:

    her arms look fabulous though!!
    and she does have a fantistic momma!
    love you all…ak grandma

    see you in just a week :o)

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