Weekends – Hogs Hunt

No, fortunately (or unfortunately I suppose, depending on who you are) it wasn’t a real hog hunt. Instead, it was the Hog’s Hunt 50K/25K cross country race at Huntsville State Park.

Let me just say how insane this race was; it was our first endurance race and wow, it was something to watch (although all I got to see was the start, turnaround, and finish.) Anyone who does one of these has my admiration.

We’ve learned our lesson about trying to take pictures after the race, so we got MarMar/Dada pictures before the race this time.

The camera batteries died right as they took off, so this was all I managed of the start

And this.

At first, there was a whole lot of nothing going on, so Marion and I went exploring and found a playground.

Marion is such a daredevil, she loves to go fast in the swings!

About an hour after the start of the 25K, the 50Kers came in for the turnaround. These dudes (and dudettes) are hardcore man. They got started before the sunrise, insane I tell you. The lead runners started turning in about 2.5 hours after they started, which was 1.5 hours after the 25kers started.

I had been chatting with one of the women who won the female 50K division a few years ago (she was sidelined this year due to injury) and we were talking about finish times, etc. I always mess up when I think Josh is going to finish, so this year, I wore my stop watch and got what he thought his finish time would be. After talking to this lady though, she said he’d be one of the top ten or twenty if he finished in that time. So I prepared myself for quite the wait.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Josh coming running up at 2:20, right where he said he would be. Luckily, the camera was already out of the bag, so I was able to get some shots of him almost at the finish line.

(Love the dude strolling so casually behind him.)

I know Josh thinks I’m so weird to be all excited about his finish time (somewhere around 2:22/2:23) but that lady had me all worried that he wouldn’t finish for 3+ hours and I’d already worked up my sympathy speech. I’m glad I didn’t need it 🙂 My husband really is a rockstar and superman all rolled in to one!

And if my pictures don’t cut it for you, click here and enter bib number 144 for the pro’s versions.

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One Response to Weekends – Hogs Hunt

  1. alaskan grandma says:

    wow…josh has really built those arms since last i was there!
    speaking of…i’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!!!!

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