Friday Foods – Cauliflower

I made a promise (I guess it was a promise, maybe not that serious, but whatever) to Josh when we started Marion on solids that I wouldn’t feed her anything I wouldn’t eat myself.

He held me to that this week and made me eat cauliflower. :/ Maybe it’s because of the association I have of it being thrown on a veggie tray with dried out carrots and wilty broccoli but cauliflower has never seemed anything but gross too me.

Marion and I were both pleasantly surprised to find out, prepared correctly, it’s actually not half bad 🙂

No faces of death like she makes when we feed her poisonous fruit, unfortunately, but in place of video, I have a spreadsheet! (Equally fun, I assure you.)

We use the website Wholesome Baby Foods as our main resource for what we feed her and when, and they have great age appropriate charts. I just combined all those separate charts into one and marked off foods as we feed them to her.

So this is Marion’s food chart.

See, just as exciting as video.

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One Response to Friday Foods – Cauliflower

  1. jen fischer says:

    Kati –

    Mashed cauliflower (with butter and garlic, salt and pepper) is actually delicious! We eat it sometimes instead of mashed potatoes! I love your food posts – they’re great!

    Take care!

    Jen (from

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