Weekends – Extended Visitor Edition

In addition to this being a holiday weekend (yay!) we had a very special visitor in town.

Grandma came down for a visit!

So of course, we took her to the zoo (and showed her how to wear the ring sling!)

Mar and I went into the fishie tunnel again

She was much more excited about it this time

(As a side note, Mar looks like such a big girl in this dress!)

Mom at first couldn’t believe these guys weren’t long horns

Then she did everything in power to try to convince them to come closer

She failed, but it’s never too early to teach your granddaughter to ignore those “please don’t climb the fence” signs! (And I had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with encouraging mom to see if she just couldn’t stretch out a little bit further …. )

Friday night Josh and I got to enjoy a date night by ourselves. We went to the gym and went swimming then hit up Little Bigs, so, so, so good.

We also got a special treat of a Saturday morning date. We went for a trail run over at Memorial (and despite letting me lead the run, we didn’t get lost) and had a brunch, starting what would end up being the first of three meals consisting of tacos, tacos, and more tacos.

Even though my PIM session is over with for the summer, I had so much fun getting out by myself once a week that I found a new hobby. Cake decorating! (Nice switch, right? From running to eating cake :))

My friend Jennifer and I are taking the class together. We sit in the back row and get in loads of trouble, but eh, who expected something different? The class hasn’t exactly been what we thought it would be, so I’ve been looking for a way to practice on my own. Mom’s birthday was the perfect excuse.

Who cares that her birthday isn’t for another month …

One fantastic chocolate cake recipe, two pounds of powdered sugar, and two cups of crisco later ….

Even if it wasn’t pretty and perfect, it was still pretty yummy.

And yes, I threw every skill we’ve learned at this cake, so it is, in fact, supposed to look like a Level 1 class threw up all over it.

Before Mom left Sunday afternoon, we took her to one of our new favorite places to eat, Tacos-A-Go-Go, thus ending our three meals of tacos at the place it started.

It’s also Marion’s favorite place to eat, due to the fact the walls and ceiling and floors are all painted different colors and the crazy bright art work everywhere.

Considering she was wearing one of her eye-blindingly bright dresses, the following pictures should be enough to burn some retinas

She’s a true Texas girl and stole some of her Dada’s refried beans

They were a hit

Hates peaches, loves refried beans

Giving Grandma some kisses

Or just eating her face

She’s totally mesmerized by this joint

Then we were off, Mar got to ride in her new big girl car seat

And had to say goodbye to Grandma 😦

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2 Responses to Weekends – Extended Visitor Edition

  1. Jennifer says:

    The cake looks good! I kept telling myself Monday that I needed to make some icing and practice roses… but it didn’t happen. lol

  2. Jenny L says:

    The cake looks AWESOME! I’d pay you for that for sure 🙂 nice work!

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