Weekends – Fun Run

This weekend was pretty quiet, something we’ve come to enjoy around here!

We did start Saturday morning pretty early though, as I was participating in the Heights 5K Fun Run. What a great run this was! An almost totally flat course (there was a grand total of 39 feet worth of elevation change) and shaded pretty much all the way. Even though it was warmer by a few degrees than my previous 5K, I dropped my time, which makes my coach (that would be Josh) quite happy.

And a side note, can I tell you how annoying it is that even the tiniest of tiny races have chips, so they know chip time for every single person and yet they still calculate results by gun time. I understand that gun time is in fact the time you participated in the race, it isn’t the time it took you to actually run the race. And in my case, gun time and chip time were off by over a minute at this race. And that’s a minute I fight really hard to take off my time! Grrrrrrrrrr. Anyway.

Cinco de Mayo Race
gun time: 00:36:24.19
chip time: 00:36:16.19

Heights Fun Run
gun time: 00:37:11.8
chip time: 00:35:55.2

So under 36 minutes – still ridiculously slow, but an improvement!

And since we didn’t have anyone to watch Marion, I ran by myself and Josh and Marion cheered me on. It also meant Josh was behind the camera for a change!

Boys never outgrow their fascination with the police!

Or maybe it’s just their fascination with flashing lights and sirens

And we’re off (although I was still wayyyy in the back)

She’s found her stroller bar is yummy!

Do you see the size of her feet? Forget being a ballerina or piano player, this girl is meant to be a triathlete!

Her fascination with running has already begun

Where’s mama she wants to know?

There I am!

Next race, maybe the Father’s Day 5K?

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