First Cubs Game!

I have to start out by saying that due to a camera/computer malfunction, the best pictures from our game got deleted 😦 Oh well, we’ll just have to take her to another game for more photos!

Marion did absolutely amazingly at the game! We bought the cheapest seats possible in case she freaked out and we needed to leave right after we got there, but she’s a true Cubs fan and stayed in a great mode until we started losing. Two hours past her bedtime and she was still in such a fabulous mood. She loved the crowds and the noise and the general excitement of a baseball game. Despite the cutest little fan in the world, the Cubs lost. Unfortunately, this was the last time the Cubs are in town this season, so in true Cubs fan lingo, we say, there’s always next year!

(If some of the pictures aren’t so great, it’s because they were taken with my iPhone)

Momma and Mar

A side note about her outfit, as soon as we found out we were having a girl, I ordered this set of onesies in the 12 month size, figuring she’d be about that size when game time came around. Jokes on me! Our widget is merely perfectly average in size and so I had to order her something new in a 6-9 month size. And of course, my hat to match 🙂

Dada and Mar

Dada is way more excited than she is, it appears!

There’s the enthusiasm we’ve come to expect from her!

It’s a full time job just keeping her contained these days

So we gave her her own seat and she was very excited about that as well!

Thanks to a friendly Chicago fan, we got a family picture (babies in Cubbies outfits win hearts everywhere!)

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One Response to First Cubs Game!

  1. Anonymous says:

    She should have gone with her Uncle Brick. Cubs are 5-1 lifetime when he attends. The one loss came in a trip to Atlanta with Mar’s mother.

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