Friday Foods

This week, we added in chicken! My little girl is no longer a vegetarian 😦

It’s not a big hit though. She tolerates it, but it’s not one of her favorites. I think it’s because she’s a little bit lazy and doesn’t like to chew – lol! I don’t have any tips or hints for cooking it though, as this came courtesy of my friend Nannette.

And we also had our first bad reaction. We added in cinnamon this week too and she absolutely loves it. Her skin, however, does not love her. She has a contact allergy whenever it touches her face and her skin gets bright red. It doesn’t bother her at all, but we’re holding off on it until our nine month visit with the pediatrician next week. (Nine months, how is that even possible!)

And for fun, here’s what it would be like to be eaten by a MarMar monster!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I thought I’d been publishing my posts, but instead, I was hitting “save draft.” Who knew, those aren’t the same buttons!

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One Response to Friday Foods

  1. Barbara says:

    Posted a comment a couple of days ago, but I guess I hit something wrong since it never got to you— anyway, I love the new pictures. The ball game ones are darling,

    It’s hard to realize that Marion is almost 9 months old, she’ll be in kindergarden before we know it. She is an absolute doll.

    Thanks again for sharing the pictures and videos with us.

    Grannie Hughes

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