Weekends – Sick Baby & Nine Months Old

We just got back from Mississippi on Friday (that’s why all the blog posts are just now coming out) and our return was just in time for Marion to have her first sick visit to the pediatrician Saturday morning. Poor baby girl has an ear infection and a ruptured ear drum. We start antibiotics today though and she’s already starting to feel a lot better. So that’s how we spent the weekend, caring for a sick Widget.

Luckily, I’d forgotten to post her nine month pictures, so we at least have blog material!

Unfortunately, this is as good of a photo as we got.

That whole being still to have my picture taken phase is long gone!

Why be still when you can eat the bear and kick him at the same time?

Does it count as a good photo if you can’t see her face?

She’d much rather be doing this

Or this

Or sharing her window with Gracie than having her picture taken!

See, next to impossible when this is what you are dealing with!

(there is a video embedded in this post)

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