Friday Foods

Tropical trio this week!

I went to Costco and found a bag of frozen papaya, mango, strawberry and pineapple chunks. As an aside, why is it I can find a five pound bag of frozen “exotic” fruits at Costco, but a bag of simple peaches or just plain peas or green beans doesn’t exist? I love Costco, but sometimes I get so frustrated trying to shop from a list there. Which I guess works in their favor…Anyway.

So I picked out the strawberry chunks (highly allergenic food so it’s suggested you wait until one or two years to introduce) but left in the pineapple, her new food for the week.

This mix actually worked out really well, I just thawed and through it in the processor. It came out nice and chunky/piecey and mixes great with her yogurt.

Unfortunately, we’ve laid off of it for about a week now because she’s developed a diaper rash. But, she just came off of antibiotics, we switched laundry detergent for the diapers and introduced this new food. Hopefully it’s just the antibiotics and we can go back on it next weekend because (dare I say it?) she actually seems to like this fruit!

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