Weekends – Knitty Kitty

Marion’s first library book! We went up to the library last week and let Marion wreck some havoc in the kids area, and she picked out this book all on her own!

So we did a lot of this

And this

And this over the weekend

Marion took this opportunity to read to her monkey buddy

Monkey buddy is her new BFF

And I’ve actually been doing some of this!

Resulting in some building blocks

Which most often end up like this!

And some fun little balls

And this one (it’s my favorite, but don’t tell the others.)

Unlike the dogs who promptly ignore anything I make for them

Marzi seems to love her toys

Which one should I play with now?

She likes them because they’re really soft and squishy and easy to grab

The wedge one I knit with two strands held double, so it’s a bit stiffer, but I varied up the texture so it’s fun for her to feel

The blocks are anything but square

She likes to grab two balls and compare their size and colors

Or just scatter them about and wreck havoc 🙂

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One Response to Weekends – Knitty Kitty

  1. alaskan grandma says:

    but that’s the most fun…wrecking havoc!

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