Friday Food

As we’re beginning to transition from baby foods to table foods, we’re also introducing the idea of main meals into her diet. Plus, we were running out of freezer space 🙂

So this week, Chicken Potato Chowder!

Josh made it and so I think he stuck pretty closely to the recipe. It freezes very well (always a bonus) and it’s great because she can finger feed herself the potato chunks and the chicken as well.

Speaking of finger feeding, she eats whole peas now, skin and all!

She’s very proud of herself!

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One Response to Friday Food

  1. Lexie says:


    Know that seeing and keeping up with Mar is helping me get through everything. She’s the cutest and sweetest little girl, (well, next to my niece!). Thank you for sharing her with everyone.

    Hope to be back on track soon so we can knit and I can maybe get some baby hugs and kisses…

    Much love

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