Weekends – More Arkansas

Sorry (again) for being so behind in blogging lately, but we are just go, go, going around here!

So get ready, this is a really heavy picture post!

One of the most fun parts of Arkansas was getting to go swimming with Marion. The first time, we went to Blanchard Springs.

Marion had a lot of fun with Abby

Look – piggies in the water!

The springs were great because the shallows were rocky and nice to sit on and let the littles play

While the big kids could actually swim out in the deeper waters

Marion thought the dragonflies on my shoulder were funny

She thought splashing was even funnier

We had so much fun swimming together

Yay for the springs!

The next day, we went to Norfork Dam. They have an area roped off for swimming, which was nice. It wasn’t as pretty as Blanchard Springs, but it was deeper and not as rocky. Plus, it was a two minute drive from the lodge, so that most definitely made it better than the hour drive to the Springs.

More splashes!

Marzi was in full on teething mode and had skipped her afternoon nap, so she was much more inclined to just kick back and relax.

The little waves in the lake were kind of fun for her (as was watching Laura swim)

Little sleepy girl

Morgan Jane gave us a look five years into our future…

Norfork Lake

Kisses for mama!

Do you like the random old woman in the background?

Don’t worry, we’re certified to perform water tricks

Chillaxin (did I even spell that right? Is there even a right way to spell it?)

We girls, and by girls, I mean Abigail, McKenzie and I boycotted anything longer than the drive to Blanchard Springs in favor of laying around at the lodge. Which didn’t exactly make for anything exciting to blog about, but did result in lots of pictures of our favorite activity of just visiting. Visiting, by the way, is something our family has made into an art form.

Mamaw and Marion


(who I know will message me on facebox and squeal, take it offffffffffffffffffffffff, when she’s sees I’ve posted it. But I’m not. I think you look gorgeous in this picture and I love it and so I’m leaving it. Plus, it’s my blog and I can do what I want. So neener.)

Uncle Donald and McKenzie, demonstrating that visiting involves lots of laughter

Marion, demonstrating that visiting involves lots of listening (plus, I just love the way she’s holding Mamaw’s thumb)

Visiting involves lots of snuggles (father/daughter ones are the best)

Papaw/granddaughter ones are pretty special too

And mama/daughter ones as well.

Cousin snuggles. Okay, all snuggles are good.

And we all have a fondness for puppy snuggles

Sweet Angie

And sweet LP

Visiting generally involves good natured rivalry. Like Dad getting whooped by Laura in Go Fish.

And it always involves silliness

Like trying to get all the grand and great-grand kids present together for a picture for Mamaw!

Marion even made some time to visit with Rover

And Rover visited with her

After the official reunion weekend, we (we being Daddy, Mrs Gail, me, Abby, Kenzie, Uncle Don, Aunt Janis, Uncle David and Mamaw) went back to the house in Arkansas and had another wonderful three days of visiting.

And some good white trash fun

Involving guns in the front yard.

Man, I love my family.

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One Response to Weekends – More Arkansas

  1. AK grandma says:

    well, looks like fun was had by all!
    love the ruffles on the babysuit
    love ya miss ya

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