Feeding the duckies

We’ve been having more nap issues (surprise, surprise) so Sunday afternoon we headed to the zoo to avoid the dreaded witching hour. We did just a quick trip but it was still a lot of fun.

We stopped by to see the giraffes

See how she’s holding the edge of her shirt? She’s such a girly girl!

You can’t see it here, but the newest baby giraffe Hasani was out too!

I love seeing the giraffes because they always come over to visit at the fence, such sociable animals!

Dada, that’s a weird looking doggie.

As always, the meerkats were entertaining.

The exhibit at the zoo is so fantastic, the meerkats can come right up to the glass.

The highlight of the day though was feeding the ducks!

She looooooves duckies

Mama was less than in love with how close Dada tried to lure the ducks

That’s close enough Mr Duck

Entirely too close!

She didn’t seem to mind it.

And another witching hour averted, thanks ducks!

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2 Responses to Feeding the duckies

  1. ManMan says:

    Is she wearing SHOES???????

  2. alaskan grandma says:

    i too did a double take on the feets coverings…
    were they to lure the duckies closer?

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