Friday Foods

Wow – it’s been over a month since I did a Friday Foods post – oops! Lets see if I can remember some of the new foods she’s eating.

Chickpea stew, which is one of my favorite dishes as well and beef stew are the two that pop into mind. We didn’t do a lot of introducing new foods the weekends we were on vacation for obvious reasons. She self feeds probably 75% of her food now, which is just amazing to me considering that not that long ago she was spoon fed everything. It’s like as soon as she got the hang of it, she just took off!

She eats whole chickpeas, looooooooves lima beans, hates yogurt melts, will eat a whole mess of tomatoes, it’s amazing. Now that she’s more on the whole food she tolerates fruit a little better. She’s so contrary though, as she doesn’t really like bananas, a staple of the baby food world.

Since this is kind of a boring post, here are some pictures from our lunch with Josh today. I forgot the real camera so had to take them with my phone.

One day, when I’m big….

She was fascinated by the map…she’s just like her daddy

So then you do this…

And then it goes here

And viola, you’ve got

Lunch with dada!

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One Response to Friday Foods

  1. GRANNY CHRIS says:

    maybe you will hire her as yr secty one day

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