One Year Ago Today…

Get ready for a lot of these over the next few days!

We’d made our first trip to the hospital! And then got sent home, still pregnant!

We were getting ready for Ike and my health was going downhill, but we decided that it was safer for Marion to be inside than to potentially come during the middle of a hurricane. At least this way, we knew the way to the hospital already!

And We’re Off

And We’re Home

So weird to think that she wasn’t even Marion to us then, she was still Poppy!

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One Response to One Year Ago Today…

  1. alaskan grandma says:

    Marion is such a strange child. She’s so opinionated and sometimes just a wee bit difficult if she doesn’t get her way

    hmmmmmmmmm…now that sounds just like some other baby i knew about 30years ago…………..

    but boy was she cute!

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