Weekends: Hello & Goodbye

(I’m really behind, what else is new, but I’m going to try to get caught up today. We’ll see how this goes.)

This post is a combination of a lot of hello and goodbyes that we’ve had over the past few week.

One of the biggest ones

Goodbye to bottles and formula
Hello to sippy cups and milk

Marion is such a strange child. She’s so opinionated and sometimes just a wee bit difficult if she doesn’t get her way. Since she never took a pacifier, we felt sure that giving up the bottle would be a battle. Nope, she never seemed to notice the difference. She now takes sippy cups and straw cups without hesitation. In fact, she’s so enthusiastic about straws that you can’t have a straw around her without sharing. She’s also trying to drink out of a regular cup too.

We’ve said hello to milk as well and we are so happy to not have to spend all that money on formula anymore. She drinks so much milk though that our money is just now going to support half the dairy farms in Texas (at least, it feels that way.) As much as I always hated giving her formula (it became routine to give it to her, but the feelings I struggled with at not being able to breast feed her never really went away), it made me a little sad to start giving her whole milk. She seems like such a big girl now, going all over the place, dragging her cup of milk behind her. I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom that having her on milk allows though. It’s made plane rides, car trips and just running errands so much easier! We switched her over the period of two weeks and it never seemed to phase her. If anything, she seems to like milk better.

She does have a quirk though, in true Marion form. Somehow, it ended up that she gets water from a straw cup at meal times and milk from a sippy cup in between times. So if you try to give her milk from a straw cup or water from a sippy, heaven help you! The world is not right with her unless milk comes from a sippy and water from a straw. Like I said, strange child!

And two new fun hellos

Meet Leggy, the caterpillar!

and Sneaky, the sneaker wearing monster! This is the only good picture of Sneaky because

as soon as I put him up, little

hands started

creeping into the frame

Best friends

Leggy’s little face

And her many legs

Sneaky’s awesome kicks

And his monster eye.

I have to admit that these guys have been done for a while, or mostly done. Josh freaked me out so much though about Sneaky’s face that he’s been hanging around for a while minus his face. When I was done knitting Sneaky, Josh and I browsed through the 59 completed monsters on Ravelry and Josh made the comment that the face makes the monster. It so scared me that I was going to mess up his personality with a badly chosen face that I just didn’t do it for a long time. But, now he has a face and I think it’s pretty cute.

Widget loves these guys

Especially all the bits and bobbles to chew on

(We’re also working on saying hello to four new teeth)

Say a quick hello & goodbye to Comfy, the winter weather monster. He was made for a sweet little boy’s first birthday. In true fashion, I was knitting the last stiches as Josh was putting Marion in her car seat so I was only able to grab a picture with the phone.

With all these changes going on, it’s nice to know some things (like my procrastination) never change!

Pattern links:
Abigail, the middle-sized monster


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