Playground Fun

The weather is cooling off now and since Marion is down to just one nap a day, we have lots of time to go out and play! I’ve started swimming at the gym Mondays and Wednesday and she goes to daycare at the gym; then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, going to Memorial Park and running. I decided yesterday to pack some snacks and spend some extra time after the run at the super awesome Val-Asche playground.

Trying to figure out how this thing works

Wait! You mean I can just run around?


Taking a little rest break

And she’s off again!

She looks like such a big kid, doesn’t she?

Look how cute her little leg kick is!

This little net-thingie was one of her favorites

Now back to the slides!

She’s very proud of her stair climbing abilities

Uhoh – baby jail!

Do you see that curl?! Her hair is getting longer, it’s just curling up!

We ended on a visit to the swings, where she promptly spaced out

Those are some sleepy eyes!

But I think she still had fun 🙂

My sweet happy girl

(Video is included in this post)

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2 Responses to Playground Fun

  1. Barbara says:

    Adorable !!

  2. GRANNY CHRIS says:

    She looks cute in green. looks as if she is enjoying the swing , and she is actually walking

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