Please vote

and solve this split-decision in our household. Marion isn’t yet old enough to cast the deciding vote 🙂

Short story:

Should Tutu, the ballerina monster, have arms and/or legs?

Meet Tutu:

Currently limbless.

Long story:

I’m trying (emphasis on trying) to destash my yarn collection.

So I held the yarn double and knitted up the body and had about three inches of yarn left when I finished her.

So she got orange horn thingies

and a super multi colored over the top ruffled tutu.

If I knit her limbs, they’re either going to have to be orange or multicolored. Or it involves me buying an additional skein of pink yarn. Not a problem since it’s only like $1.36. It is a problem though because making limbs wouldn’t involve much yarn and I’d be left with almost a full skein, thereby leaving me at the same place I started, with a skein of pink yarn.

I don’t want to give her limbs because I don’t want to give her orange or multi colored limbs. I want them to be pink. Josh doesn’t want to have to give up his closet space for all my yarn, so he votes for orange limbs. And like I said to start with, Marion isn’t old enough to cast the deciding vote.

So please, interwebs, vote and make up our minds for us.

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One Response to Please vote

  1. ManMan says:

    Just orange legs are not one of the options! I do think she needs legs though.
    PS We want one of these monsters!

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