40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Day 4

Today, I’m actually thankful for quiet times, but I’m saving that for another day.

Since the Florida vs Mississippi State is Saturday and a) Florida has a habit of CHOKING when they visit the Magnolia State and b) several members of my family coughcoughAmanada&Alcoughcough are State fans and brainwashing their children into being fans as well, I thought I’d better get this out of my system today.

Today, having a little Gator fan in my house brings me great joy

I’m thankful that I have a girl to raise to be a die hard sports fan, because the world needs more smart women who love sports!

I can’t wait until I can teach her to throw a mean spiral. It’s so cool to be a girl who can throw better than 97% of the boys (thanks to my dad for the lessons!)

It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

Music to my ears

Practicing her touchdown dance already!

Her face clearly expresses how she feels about Florida State, sorry Papaw

(Video embedded in this post)

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2 Responses to 40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Day 4

  1. crabapple says:

    i give this post 2 great big thumbs up! 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    Everyday I am thankful for my beautiful children and grandchildren and their spouses and 8 beautiful, healthy great-grandchildren.

    The thing I am most thankful for today and hopefully many days to come is that as I approach my 80th birthday is that I still live independently and drive whereever I want to go.

    Bob tells me you are coming for Christmas and I am really looking forward to seeing you.

    Love to all,
    Barbara (Grannie H)


    Thanks for the pictures and videos of Marion – she is a doll!!!

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