40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Day 14

Today, I am so thankful for all of the wonderful moms and dads and babies in the Heights Kids Groups Playgroup 7. This is just an awesome group of families I’ve been privledged to get to know over the past year since having Marion. It’s so awesome to have such a great group of friends with babies so close in age. I’m pretty much positive that I wouldn’t have kept my sanity without them. There’s been more than a few desperate emails, texts, and phone calls to plan meet ups when babies are fussy and patience is in short supply. We also have tons of fun together as well – swim lessons, zoo trips, library meetups, walks at the park, and attempts at drinking coffee while it’s still hot. Not to mention the playgroups themselves! To celebrate the season (and get another use out of the costumes) Marion and I hosted a Halloween playgroup today. I wish I had a group picture to share, but imagine the chaos of getting eighteen babies, eighteen moms, three dads and one grandma all in the same photo! It was crazy, but so much fun and a great kickoff to the weekend. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we were having too much fun to take pictures, so all I have are two bad cell phone pictures from before the party, but hopefully you the idea!

(PS I thought this posted from my iPhone, but it didn’t publish so it’s a day late. Sorry!)

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One Response to 40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Day 14

  1. ak granma says:

    everything looks very festive…including that little candy corn princess!
    really wished there had been more pictures of that many babes!
    love ya’ll miss ya’ll
    ak granma :O)

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