40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Day 17

Today, I’m thankful for an interruption. See, I like schedules. Well I don’t really like them, but now with a baby, they are a necessity. I have (or had) a tendency to wake up in the mornings, make coffee, jump online and before I knew it, it’s noon and the morning is gone. A toddler isn’t so accomodating and now, schedule and routine help keep us both sane and happy. My husband is particularly happy that I’ve come to embrace the routine as he is the king of scheduling. I have a tendency to be a little flighty at times, easily distracted, a knitter who loves starting projects, but isn’t exactly know for finishing them.

So the first time he heard me mention what presents I want to make for the holidays, Josh might have gentley suggested a schedule that merged my ambitions with actual abilities to complete projects. A schedule was set, a big picture was established and I have daily crafting times with which to meet my goals. It started with just nap time, but then, having already met setbacks (imagine that) craft time has started to overlap with Marion’s awake time. Mostly, she’s pretty accomodating. But um, it’s NOVEMBER already and I don’t yet have a completed project so you can see my desperation to stick to the schedule to have this all turn out and my mounting stress at each deviation from the plan, at the interruptions.

So it was Marion’s after breakfast playtime and mama’s extra thirty minutes of knitting time. But someone had other ideas when she repeatedly brought me the same book with the same request of “book book book.” She didn’t know it wasn’t in the schedule, that it would put me further behind. I knew it, but I didn’t care. Because my baby is rapidly becoming a toddler, not wanting to sit still, resisting cuddle time, wanting to be independent, and soon she’ll be pretending not to know me in public and asking for the car keys.

So I put down my needles and gathered her in my lap and spent thirty minutes reading Curious George books to her. She was calm, still, affectionate and happy to be spending time with me.

So I think that schedule needs to be revisited and probably revised. A little more shopping and a little less handmade, but with lots of spots for snuggles and books with my baby girl.

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One Response to 40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Day 17

  1. Libbie says:

    She is so pretty,looks like you so much. You can’t get back these moments as they grow up so fast.

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