40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Days 18 & 19

Two days of thanks for two good friends, Tareen and Paige, who took great pictures of our party, including some of Marion. Which means I’m not the worst mom in the world for not having pictures of her first Halloween party!

Before things got totally crazy

William (Paige’s son) learns no one touches Mr Brown Dog

Marion schooling William on proper Brown Dog behavior. (He’s her boyfriend, so it’s okay for her to boss him around)

Taking control of the situation

William was very sad about the loss

Don’t tell Marion!

Marions cheesy grin

Tutu butt

Princess Candy Corn

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2 Responses to 40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Days 18 & 19

  1. Barbara says:

    They are so cute !!!!! I absolutely love Marion’s costume.

    Grannie H.

  2. ak granma says:

    they are all so very cute…but of course princess candy corn is my favorite!

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