40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Days 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32

Such a cheater post, I know, but again, when you put it out there that you’re bound and determined to be thankful and joyful, you get tested on that!

So to back up a little bit, when Marion had her ear infection a few months ago it started with a fever that wouldn’t go down with medicine on a Friday night. Saturday we took her to the pediatrician and they checked her ears and said they were fine. Only to go home that night and have one of her ear drums rupture. You can understand then, why when she had a fever on Thursday that wouldn’t go down with Tylenol, I took her to the pediatrician for a late afternoon appointment. I’ll spare you how irritated I got (thankfully, it was with another doctor, not our regular pediatrician) and just say that we left with a “diagnosis” of just some sort of a virus that would just run it’s course but if her fever went up over 103 after a night of medication to bring her back in the morning.

The only problem? We were leaving town in the morning. The doctor said that was okay, because there was nothing they could do about it anyway. After a bad night of sleep, we packed up and headed out to San Antonio Friday morning for the Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon (the same race Josh did last year.) The drive over was rocky, the night of sleep was non-existent, and Saturday morning, we woke up to a baby covered in a rash.

Hand, foot and mouth disease.

Fun, right?

At least it wasn’t chicken pox. And not HOOF and mouth disease like Josh keeps wanting to call it.

With some quick help from Dr Google we found out there’s nothing that can be done for it and so we went on with our plans.

Remember this from last year?

It looks like this, this year 🙂

This …

Is now this. What a difference a year makes!

Taking a break on the riverwalk

Marion takes a dancing break

This is how we stroll

We stopped at the same Starbucks where Marion took a little snooze last year

This year, not so much napping

There was, however, a lot more investigating of the birds that built their nests off the balcony

A classic Widget face

Grandparents, this is a lot safer than it looks.

She ate like this last year

And like this, this year

Look at those cheeks!

More investigating of the birds (she’s kind of obsessed with them now)

And this year, there was a whole lot of scampering off!

Mr Brown Dog came along this year; he’s her constant companion these days

Dada taught her the fun of wind chimes

Exploring the leaves with mama

Enjoying some wall sitting

Please meet the official greeter of the Alamo

Silly, silly girl

More birds!




Sweet baby

Mr Brown Dog, are you having as much fun as I am?


Those flowers are as big as my head!

Don’t let them eat me!

Mr Brown Dog will keep me safe

Our typical self portrait (you can see some of the spots on her face)

After her nap, we went back to feed the duckies

And oh yes, the t-shirts made the trip with us too

After a slightly better night’s sleep, Sunday morning was the big race. Hot, humid and early. I’m not sure who had a harder time, Dada running 13.1 miles or Mama chasing a Widget for that duration!

First to go by were the wheelchair racers

There are few people in the world that I find more admirable than wheelchair athletes. They’re just amazing!

The lead pack

These two guys won the half with an identical time of 1:05:24

The lead women of the marathon


They were fast!

Did you see that?


Here comes dada!

And then the camera froze up on me. Of course!

Josh finished in a very respectable time of 1:44:25. Way to go!

Then we packed up and came home. The end.


Monday morning found us back at the pediatrician (our regular guy this time) who congratulated me on my superb diagnostic skills and confirmed it was a case of hand, foot and mouth disease. Unusual this time of year, but of course, Marion wouldn’t actually get something when you expect her to get it. He said that she was healing well and we should expect her to be back to normal (i.e., rash free) in just a few more days.

So here’s what I’m thankful for:

Thursday (Day 27) – the ability to get a last minute appointment with our pediatric group (I won’t be mean and say for all the good it did us…)

Friday (Day 28) – this is a hard one. I’m thankful to have an amazing husband who if I have to go through rough patches with our baby, there is no one else I’d rather go through it with than him.

Saturday (Day 29) – I’m so thankful and joyful for being able to go back and revisit a place where we had such a fun time last year and this year, get to see Marion actually enjoy it too. She was such a good little sport, even if she wasn’t feeling her best.

Sunday (Day 30) – an amazingly athletic husband who never fails to amaze me with his dedication to his training plans and his races. I’m in such awe of what he can do.

Monday (Day 31) – thankful for being able to see our normal pediatrician and told Marion is getting better!

Today (Day 32) – beyond joyful to have our wonderful, funny, normal, widgety, squidgety girl back!

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One Response to 40 Days of Joy and Thanks – Days 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32

  1. ak granma says:

    i just love the pictures from last year to this…amazin how much marion has grown and changed…

    THANKFUL…this ak granma is thankful for my granddaughter having a wonderful, loving family!

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