Thanksgiving Recap

It should go without saying this is a pretty picture heavy post…

Marion and I flew to Mississippi a few days before Thanksgiving so we could be with my niece at her third birthday party!

And yes, Marion already knows who Elmo is.

Marion enjoys some of the forbidden plastic toys we don’t let her have 🙂

Isabella is the grumpiest Care Bear

More forbidden plastic fun

Sunday afternoon, Belle came over for a playdate at Marme’s house

Mmmmmm, popcorn, animal crackers and milk!

And here, Belle is teaching Marion the worst trick ever

How to close her straw cup lid

But not to open it!

We had some gorgeous Mississippi fall weather, so we spent a lot of time outside

She really was happy about it!

Come along little doggy

Marme, Lauren and Marion enjoy some post-Thanksgiving meal reading.

Clark The Toothless Shark is a family favorite

Do you know how hard it is to get four children under four to sit for a picture?

Andrew knows this isn’t going to be any fun!

Just a few outtakes…

Poor Mar gets left out 😦

She’s done with this!

This can lead to no good

Marion knows what’s coming

We now have a new holiday tradition of Marion getting choked down by Belle. Fun for all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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