Christmas – Part One

We’re trying to settle back into the post-holiday routine here so I’m going to use this downtime to recap our holidays. Sorry for being boring, but really, does much interesting happen in January?

First up, a Mississippi Christmas!

Another (failed) visit to Santa!

Santa also looks less than thrilled.

My brother and Santa have an in-depth conversation about beards

You know if that whole history thing doesn’t work out for you…

Sweet Rosemary looks like she could be doing something better with her time

Marme’s gorgeous tree


Mar and Papaw share some reading time

Hey Belle, you stole my Pap!

I can assure you the chaos was controlled

I have no idea what she’s doing in this picture

Now it becomes clear. The baby bottle goes in your ear!

All the cousins!

And in case you can’t read their super cute shirts

From left to right, Isabella (3), Andrew (almost 4), Rosemary (7 months), Lauren (almost 19 months old), Marion (15 months)

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