Park Fun

Houston has a lot of great parks, but Atlanta parks have one thing Houston park’s are missing – friends and family!

We spent one morning at a local park with Libbie

Swings are so much fun!

Old school metal slides are a little scarier!

And tire swings are entirely out of the question!

But she still had fun!

Then we had an absolute blast meeting up with my friend Jen, her husband T.J. and baby Joseph. Last year when we saw Joseph, he was still in Jen’s tummy, so it was great to meet him on the outside!

Joseph’s checking Marion out already!

My odd child carried around a dinner roll the whole time we were there.

Taking the occasional nibble

Sweet baby girl

And Joseph thought it was way too cold to be swinging!

So we packed up and headed to Knitch where the daddies babysat and the mams were too busy oogling yarn to take pictures!

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4 Responses to Park Fun

  1. mrshydrogeo says:

    OOoo totally jealous you went to Knitch!! I never made it there when I was in Atlanta in 2008.

  2. mrshydrogeo says:

    I should say.. that this is Lexie.

  3. Brenda says:

    A dinner roll? Are you sure she’s not related to my husband? 🙂

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your matching hats!!

  4. granny chris says:

    where can i fiind pics of the Habshey tribe…?///

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