Sick Day at the Zoo

Luckily, Mar didn’t pick up on my ick too much, so she was ready to go full force way before I was. What’s a mama to do? Take her to the zoo and let her run wild, of course!

The meerkats had a post-holiday treat of a Christmas tree

That’s the life!

And this is the trip where she learned to climb fences!

I wish we’d taken one of these photos on our first trip to the zoo!

We’ve had our zoo membership now for almost a year and I know she’s grown a ton! (By the way, the zoo membership is the best baby related purchase ever!)

She’s more interested in her snacks than the elephant

Ooooh lion!

She was totally freaked out by the rooster in the petting zoo!

The best part of the zoo on this trip?

Wide open spaces to run!

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One Response to Sick Day at the Zoo

  1. Linda says:

    Agree on the immense value of a zoo membership!! Back in “the day” we paid $35 a year for unlimited visits — best bargain I have ever run in to. 🙂

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