The Olympics

Both knitting, and otherwise.

Like a lot of girls, I love the winter Olympics solely for the sequin content alone. This year, I have another reason. Knitting. Winter, snow, ice, Canada, knitting, they all go hand and hand.

Several friends and I have started a knit-a-long (commonly called a KAL) of the Cascade Christmas Stocking. We do realize it’s not the holiday season anymore.

I’ve found myself with the usual post-holiday crafting ADD and while some in our KAL are overachievers (coughEmilycough) and have already finished their stocking, I haven’t even started. I can now call myself not a procrastinator, but a multi-tasker as I’ve decided the stocking will also be my entry into the world famous (okay, knitter’s world famous) 2010 Knitting Olympics sponsored by Yarn Harlot.

The rules: cast on during the opening ceremonies, finish by closing ceremonies.

Focus, dedication, willingness to work through cramped fingers and thumbs, patience to deal with knots, loose ends, and toddler who keep running off with your needles. Very much like the real Olympics, no?

Wish me luck and cheer me on! Perhaps I’ll even find some sequins to wear.

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2 Responses to The Olympics

  1. Anonymous says:

    OK, I’m slow. But I found it! And now it’s in my feeds and shows up in my email too. I never thought I was such a Neanderthal, but when it comes to SMM, I’ve been lost. No longer! I love your posts. -M

  2. Linda says:

    Ha, ha…ask Grannie about the “fun” of sequins. She was still finding them in the carpet years later! 🙂

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