New Years Resolutions

So I’ve decided to be lunar this year, so really, I’m just a day late posting these. Not 45 days late 🙂

I have lots of friends doing a 100/1001 challenge, but I’m not content to be normal, so I’ve decided to do 100 in 2010. Over achiever much?

I’m usually not a fan of resolutions and I’m especially not a fan of keeping them! I prefer to think of them as goals or as things that will help my life go in a certain direction for the year. Like most new moms (which, by the way, I’m convinced even when Marion is 24, I’ll still think I’m a “new mom”) I’ve really struggled with finding a balance with this third person in our lives and I’ve found myself being pushed to the back. So this year, my goals are focusing on improving myself, my my health, my self image, my crafts and my relationship with my husband.

I’ve broken them down into ten categories, each an area that I want to focus on.

Do ten things just for me
Knit ten things just for me
Sew ten things
Bake/cook/make ten things I’ve never baked before
Go on ten childless dates with my husband
Knit ten Christmas gifts (before December!)
Read ten NY Times top ten bestseller books
Have ten at home dates with my husband
Take ten dates just with myself

I left the ten things in each of those categories open, since well, new recipes and knitting patterns are published all the time. The only thing I got specific with was the as always physical category. If I didn’t get more focused, the only goal I would accomplish in this would be adding ten pounds 🙂

Ten physical goals
1. Run a 5K
2. Run a 10K
3. Do a triathlon
4. Run/Walk/Move my body 500 miles (mileage list here) 6% done as of February
5. Do 50 Pilates classes (class list here)
6. Do 50 Yoga classes (class list here)
7. Try a belly dancing series
8. Swim a mile
9. Stop working out in T-shirts (not quantitative, I know, but it’s my list so it can be anything I want it to be!)
10. Limit myself to just one soda during the week (weekends don’t count!)

So there. You can check up on my progress on the new tab I’ve added to the home page or just click here.

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One Response to New Years Resolutions

  1. Linda says:

    Two popular phrases come to mind — “You go girl” is the first and the second, based upon my age and experience is “whatever floats your boat”. Interpretation is, you do what you want to do and more power to you!!

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