I Know I’m Behind

But this time, I have a really good reason, I promise!

My attention and energy as of late has been focused on growing this little one

Internets, meet Ginger. Ginger, meet the Internets.

Ginger with labels.

We’re due September 27th so Marion will be getting a baby brother or sister for her birthday! We’re so excited and so blessed to be expecting this new little one and we can’t wait to welcome Ginger into our lives!

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6 Responses to I Know I’m Behind

  1. her_story says:


  2. Charlotte says:

    I KNEW IT! We had our little peanut Friday and I just had this inkling that I’d come here and find an announcement from you. (((HUGS))) and CONGRATS to you!

  3. crabapple0222 says:

    ::waves:: hi ginger!

  4. libbie says:

    Yea! So happy!

  5. apecaut says:


  6. chriistine says:

    the wee one is going to be so welcomed ginger we love you already………….

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