Rodeo Time – Part 1

The rodeo just left town a few days ago and we had so much fun that we went twice!

A first – Marion’s first tram ride!

Her first encounter with a Longhorn (the actual animal, not just a fan)

By far the biggest hit of the whole thing was the awesome petting zoo they had there!

(The tent was red and had spotlights all over it, so excuse the horrid red tint in all of these pictures please)


Ooooh, a sheep!

She wanted to get a lot closer to the chicken, but we knew that wouldn’t end well.

She also wanted to get right in the middle of any gathering of animals

But again, we knew that wouldn’t end well either!

I title this series, Petting Zoo, a Sequence

Sweet little babies

I think I like you

I think I like you

I do like you!

He was the tiniest little fellow!

A Widget sized goat!

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4 Responses to Rodeo Time – Part 1

  1. denisa says:

    oh.mah.gosh! i love the hug pic! too cute

  2. Granny Chris says:

    the zoo pictures are so good really enjoyed the zoo trip marion is truly an animal lover . wish i had been there

  3. Linda says:

    ditto on the hug pic! Happy Easter!

  4. granny chris says:

    piictures I love all of them.keep on sending them

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