Happy Easter Weekend!

Oh yes, Marion and I wore our boots with our Easter dresses!

Happy Easter, Texas style!

After nap time, it was Easter basket time!

Or in this case, Easter brown bag time!

Where, in true toddler fashion, she was more interested in the empty plastic eggs than in any of her proper toys

She got a little gnome

Quickly discarded in favor of another egg


Toys vs eggs

Finally a toy gets her attention!

Her Farmer Jane gnome

It goes very well with her new tractor

Her itty bitty school bus

And her most favorite

Her elephant!

We bought her wooden toys from this fabulous Etsy seller Woman Wood Worker. She has a great selection of handmade toys at very good prices and her shipping prices can’t be beat. We’ve ordered a few other hand made wooden toys for Marion and none of them compare to her quality. The little windows in the bus are totally smooth for little fingers to inspect. We’ll be ordering Ginger quite a few baby toys from her I’m sure. So if you’re looking for a good gift, I can’t say enough good things about this shop.

Gnome pattern found here.

And for a cute video

Easter basket fun!

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One Response to Happy Easter Weekend!

  1. Linda says:

    Absolutely adorable — again! Love the bunny cap. 🙂

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