Fun with our friend Tracey!

And her momma Megan too!

Megan and I have been friends pretty much since Josh & I moved to Houston. We met over a mutual love of knitting and it now extends to a mutual love/hate of Pilates and searching for good toddler food recipes. Luckily, our girls like each other as well!

They live just across the street from us now thanks to the move and Megan & Tracey have so kindly showed us how to ride the city buses. Which pretty much makes Tracey the coolest person in Marion’s book. Turns out, riding the bus is one of Marion’s favorite things in the world. Meaning, every morning when we take Josh to work, all we hear from the back seat is “BUS!” “TRACEY!” “BUS!” “TRACEY!”

We’ve taken a few trips now to Discovery Green lately and had just a blast. The first trip was to help celebrate DG’s birthday with a performance of Alice in Wonderland.

Good friends 🙂

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