Strawberry Fields Forever

A little while ago, our ever so awesome playgroup got together for a little strawberry picking! As usual, we were running late and ran out of the door, forgetting both camera and sunscreen. Luckily, I had my phone, so there are pictures. And luckily, my friends are more prepared than I am and had sunscreen for us. So the photos aren’t the best, but I can assure you the fun we had was more than any photos could capture! 🙂

The biggest struggle of the day was convincing her to put the berries in the bucket and not in her mouth!

It was a little late in the season, but there were still some good berries around

And even though we filled up the bucket, she still wouldn’t let me carry it

Such a big helper!

Our bounty. And in case you didn’t believe she was a berry devouring monster, these lasted us less than a week.

All of the rest of the photos were taken with a super cool iPhone app called Hipstamatic. So yes, they’re supposed to look that way.

And now, my confession. As we were checking out, one of the workers came by with a flat of berries, marked $2.00. I asked the cashier if it was $2.00 for the whole flat and she said yes, they were close to being overripe and so they wanted to sell them before they spoil. Well the ripest berries make the best jam, so I jumped on it. I gave away as many as I kept and this is still what I was left with

Just in case you were wondering what EIGHT POUNDS of strawberries looks like! I think it took me close to three hours to wash and hull all of them.

And on the picking plans for the summer, blueberries and peaches at the end of June!

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2 Responses to Strawberry Fields Forever

  1. momma/gigi says:

    just another day an i’m on my way to help with the jam makin!

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