Weekends – Summer Time

It’s very much summer time here, which means baseball!

Of course we took her to go see the Cubs play!

Of course, they lost.

We still had fun though!

Mr Brown Dog came along as well

Summer time also means the return of triathlon time! Josh did the sprint distance Tejas Tri for his first tri in Texas.

Don’t worry, he got his shoes on πŸ™‚

We passed the time with some goldfish

And cheering!

I mean, how could you not take a picture of that sweet ‘do?

Official finish time of 1:18:07. Not bad for having done his last tri five years ago!

And it was insanely hot and I’m six months pregnant, so we didn’t hang around very long to take post race pictures πŸ™‚

Two videos for your enjoyment though

The swim start

Marion’s sweet dance moves. Sorry for forgetting to turn the camera the right way!

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2 Responses to Weekends – Summer Time

  1. granny chris says:

    she is a cool dancer

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