Long Weekends – Vacation Time

Josh took last Friday off of work so that we could have a little vacation before the three become four. We decided to visit the Texas hill country since we haven’t been yet and have heard so much about it. Full well knowing this is going to make more than a few of my Texas friends upset, I still have to say it. The Texas hill country is one of the few things we’ve found in Texas that truly lives up to its reputation. It was wonderful and amazing and I think we’re already trying to sneak another trip back in before Sprocket comes along.

We rented a place to stay through our old stand-by of VRBO. Now that we have a child (almost children) staying at a hotel has become the opposite of vacation and so we love to rent VRBO. We’ve used them for stays in New Orleans and San Antonio and now Boerne and have yet to be disappointed in a rental. I’m not linking to the place we stayed though, as we want to keep it a secret for ourselves. 🙂

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the property either!

His ears were ridiculously huge, by the way.

The weather was so amazing when we were there. We were able to eat breakfast outside on the porch both mornings.

It was somewhat cloudy while we were there, but no rain (thankfully.)

And this is the motivation for the whole trip


Because, you know, we haven’t picked enough fruit this year

We went to Marburger Orchard and had a fantastic time

They had four varieties to pick from that day

We went with the Harvester variety, a freestone peach good for jam making and canning.

This is the third fruit we’ve picked this summer, and I think probably the most toddler friendly

The trees are pruned so that they grow fairly low to the ground, making it easy for littles to reach

She was very proud of her work!

I’m pretty sure parts of heaven are going to smell like tree ripened, sun warmed peaches

The hill country is truly gorgeous

Peach picking makes for a very tired Widget!

But not too tired to have fun with Dada!

(Almost) 27 weeks pregnant. Oh yes, I still have 13 weeks to go!

Enjoying the fruits of her labors

After peach picking, we headed up to Fredericksburg for lunch and a little window shopping. We had lunch at Rather Sweet Bakery & Cafe on the advice of my friend Shawnda. It was absolutely delicous, even if Josh was the only man in the upstairs dining room while we were there. 🙂 It get’s crowded, especially on the weekends, so get there before 11:30 to get a good seat with no wait.

After lunch and a little browsing, we headed back to the ranch we were staying at for a family nap and a restful evening.

Sunday morning, we said goodbye, but we know we’ll be back soon!

When we drove up Friday afternoon, we came up through San Antonio since Boerne is between SA and Fredericksburg. Coming home, we decided to run by the Wildseed Farms and drive home through Austin.

It was very, very warm but still a cool place to visit.

Look at all those butterflies on the Blue Mist (I’m pretty sure that’s Blue Mist.)

The Hibiscus blooms were as big as her head!

The sunflowers were as big as Josh!

We had planned to stop by Kerbey Lane Cafe on the way back through Austin. But someone has decided not to sleep in a car anymore, and of course, fell asleep 20 minutes before Austin. So we drove and ate at McDonalds when she woke up. Oh well. At least we can strike “visit Austin” off our list of things to do in Texas, haha!

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3 Responses to Long Weekends – Vacation Time

  1. Lauren says:

    So fun! You look adorable, Kat. Hope you’re feeling well, too!

  2. Grannie says:

    I’m glad you had such a great weekend. I’m sure it was a much needed break at this point in your pregnancy. Marion gets cuter every time I see new pictures.

    Love to all,

  3. granny chris says:

    wish I were there for the peaches Katie I can see that you are very much PG you both look happy with the widget and the hills are so pretty,Am sure fun was had by all .

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