Weekends – Beach Time!

This weekend we took Marion for her first official play in the sand trip to the beach. We went back in December when my mom was in town, but even in Texas, December isn’t exactly beach weather.

We drove along Seawall Blvd (for those of you familiar with Galveston) and when Marion saw the water, she got so excited and all we heard from the backseat was “water water water!” As we kept driving and she saw the water wasn’t stopping, we heard “big, big, big, big, BIG WATER!” Yes, the beach is in fact big big water sweet girl. She also learned “sand,” “seagull,” and “seashell” on this trip too.

At first, she was a bit apprehensive about the water so we didn’t stay in for long. We moved on to building sandcastles (correction, mama built sandcastles and sent Josh to fetch buckets of water for the moat) and all of a sudden, the beach because a really fun place!

And when you put Josh in charge of taking the sand castle building pictures, and he’s jealous of my super sweet sand castle building skills, this is the only picture of your awesome sand castle you end up having on the camera.

Marion had a lot of fun realizing the dogs could come out in the water with her.

Oh yes, Mr Brown Dog came with us.

Marion also learned that if Dada turns his back for a few minutes, she can reach her own hand into the potato chip bag and get a lot more chips than she’d be allowed to have.

Swimming with my boy. PS – Nanuq would be totally useless if I were ever actually in trouble in the water. The scardey cat would drown me trying to save himself.

Poor Gracie spent most of the trip trying to decide which of her herd members needed the most watching. Marion or me. All of Lou’s herd dog instincts come out when her flock separates. Not that we would ever test that on purpose.

Our first children

Learning how to play in the “waves”

The beach brings out the puppy in him

My brave girl. Her little fall didn’t phase her one bit.

Nothing cuter than a ruffled bum!

“Seashell mama, seashell! Seashell water mama!” Yes Marion, I know there are seashells in the water. We only heard that about 100 times.

Compared to our last family picture at the beach

How two years changes things!

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4 Responses to Weekends – Beach Time!

  1. gigi says:

    oh my what fun ya’ll were having.
    marion so reminds me of my little kati and our first trip to the ocean.
    this is what memories are made of!

  2. Grannie says:

    She really enjoyed discovering the wonders of the beach. The conversations were great.
    She is really growing into being a little girl, and leaving the baby look behind.

    Hope all is well and love to all.


  3. granny chris says:

    I can get never get enough of seeing these beautiful pictures. My cup runneth over. keep them coming. I feel as if i were there wiith you

  4. granny chris says:

    aknd by the way. am looking forward for new baby pictures

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