Weekends, Part 1 – Acceptance

Josh and I are very similar in some ways, but like all good couples, are strengths are in our differences. Needless to say, we’re approaching the fact we’ll have a second child in less than a month in polar opposite ways. Josh’s way is acceptance.

He remembers what it was like to have a newborn in the house and how impossible it was to plan on anything, to have a schedule, basically, to have your own life for those first few months. So he accepts that our life from now to the end of the year is going to look pretty different after Sprocket is born. His way of dealing with that is to get in as much now as he can, which is what found us waking up at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning for another triathlon.

The Clear Lake Tri was the second one he’s done this summer. I can’t remember the last time he did two in a year, much less a summer. This is how acceptance works. You get as much in when you can since you know it’s not going to happen for a while.

He did absolutely amazing and I’m so proud of him. He came in 16th out of 40 in his age group and he actually came in 9th out of 40 in the run portion! That’s pretty darn awesome I think!

This tri was fun, not just because he did so well, but because two of my friends had their husbands in the tri as well! It was a lot of fun cheering the guys on with a group of us. We had so much fun cheering, chatting and chasing after toddlers though that I didn’t really get a lot of good pictures. There are a few though.

Good luck daddy!

She gets very nervous at the start line

And they’re off!

This triathlon wasn’t set up to be super spectator friendly. It wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t the best, especially not for taking pictures. So I don’t have any pictures of the transitions or the bike ride, just of the run.

Here he comes!

The best finisher’s present ever 🙂

My friend Jess took some great pictures and has me even more convinced that I *need* a DSLR for Christmas.

My gorgeous girl

With her constant companion of Mr Brown Dog

She’s going to be two in less than three weeks. I can’t even think about that!

And a great picture of Josh.

Thanks for letting me use your pictures Jess!

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